INTRALP is a Partnership that gathers professional conference interpreters and translators featuring thousands of working days in different scientific, technical and juridical sectors, specialised in themes regarding mountains, the environment, transport and land planning.

Established in 2002 with the objective of meeting the needs of major institutional clients in the Alps, INTRALP now works throughout Italy and abroad for conferences, scientific meetings, technical workshops and negotiation meetings, by providing its Customers with a pool of highly qualified conference interpreters and translators.

Multiannual experience, constant expansion of sectorial terminological skills and ability to translate the message while fully respecting cultural differences, are the hallmarks of INTRALP. These strengths make us clearly competitive in terms of quality and excellent service.


• Simultaneous Interpretation
• Consecutive Interpretation
• Whispered Interpretation
• Interpretation with Infoport 
mobile system (guided tours, small working teams)


• Technical, scientific and juridical

Language consulting and harmonization:
• Revision and checking the
equivalence of the various
language versions

Terminological Search:

• Preparation of technical glossaries, word lists