Do you utilize mother-tongue conference interpreters, translators and terminologists ?

How can I request a customized offer
Offers can be requested by e-mail or contacting INTRALP by telephone. In the case of translations, for a more precise offer, a copy of the document to be translated should be delivered to INTRALP in advance (file, paper, CD). In addition to cost, the offer will also include terms of payment and terms of delivery of service.

How is the cost of an interpretation service calculated?
A cost estimate varies based on different factors:
• duration of the service and languages requested
• technical character of the topic
• if requested, rental of the equipment for the interpretation system

Any travelling and accommodation costs for services out of our offices are to be paid by the Customer.

How is the cost of a translation calculated?
The cost of a translation varies based on different factors:
• length of the text
• languages requested
• technical character of the topic
• urgency of delivery

How long does it take to have a translation done?
It depends on the length of the document to be translated and on the technical character of the topic. Only after examining the amount of work and the Customer’s specific needs, can INTRALP estimate a delivery date, which will be specified in its offer. If requested in order to ensure quicker delivery, a dedicated work team can be organized, although at a higher cost.

How am I guaranteed that my document is translated correctly?
The document to be translated is assigned to a professional mother-tongue translator selected according to the area of specialization. To ensure the absolute quality of work, INTRALP has the translated documents revised by a second translator.

How are confidential documents managed?
Conference interpreters and translators are obliged to keep confidential all information they may become aware of. If requested by the customer, INTRALP also asks them to sign a confidentiality statement.